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Frequently Asked Questions about my work

You are about to make a huge decision in your life! I totally understand how important it is to have the right match for capturing those indescribable moments you’re about to live and make them last for posterity on your wedding pictures. So, if you have any questions or concerns that are not listed here, please, don’t hesitate on contacting me. I will be glad to assist you!

Do you personally shoot your weddings?

Absolutely yes!

Do you have full availability on the wedding day for all the hours we need?

Yes, I never make any other plans for a wedding day.

How far in advance we need to hire your services?

I could not say precisely; as long as I have the date available, there’s no problem. I most say that most clients hire me with about 6 months in advance or more.

How do you work during a wedding day?

My main goal is to capture the story of the wedding focusing on it’s own feelings, emotions and everything that makes it unique. So, I mostly work on an unobtrusive way, letting the moments flow on their natural course. Of course, there is a point where I take control for making some amazing portraits, but I could say that about 80% of my wedding shoots are documentary and only 20% staged.

What is the best time for a ceremony?

The best time would be the afternoon, but not necessarily too close to the sunset. I always suggest to plan your ceremony thinking that after it ends, there’s still at least one hour of daylight.

Do you do Trash the Dress photoshoots?

Yes, of course! And I highly recommend it as a must-have session for all couples.

Posing is not my thing, will you direct me?

I will surely help you to feel comfortable and have a great experience, even when we are making a portrait. I really focus on your experience more than asking extremely difficult poses you do not feel comfortable with.

A great experience gives me always a great picture!

How many pictures do we get?

All of them, I deliver all of the pictures I get on the wedding day.

Are all the pictures we get retouched?

Yes, I make sure all the images delivered have a correct work of post production.

How long does it takes for us to receive our photos?

No more than a 4 weeks!

Can we share our photos online?

I will send you an online micro website where you will be able to watch, share and download all of your HD pictures.

Can I pay for extra hours aside of the ones contracted?

Yes, I have the full date available for anything you need on that huge day of your lives.

Do you do traditional wedding portraits as well?

I surely understand how important is to have great family memories, so, yes, most of the wedding day I will be finding the best pictures of the moments happening, but I always make time for doing family portraits, besides, I always have a pre-wedding meeting with all my couples and there they tell me all of the pictures they don’t want to be missing.

Where do you do wedding sessions?

I’m based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but I do destination wedding sessions all over Mexico and I’m willing to photoshoot weddings anywhere in the world.